Burse, cursuri de fomare, parteneriate europene

Burse design: Istituto Europeo di Design

Istituto Europeo di Design a lansat Creative Diary 2013, prin care ofera 38 de burse studentilor internationali pentru perioada 2013-2014.

Studentii cu varste intre 18 si 28 de ani, care nu au rezidenta in Italia, Brazilia sau Spania, sunt invitati sa trimita proiecte de design pana pe16 aprilie 2013.

Mai multe informatii: http://creativediary.net/

PARTENERI: Proiecte europene pe Actiunea 3.2 a programului Tineret in Actiune

If you’re planning to apply for the 2013 European Project Action 3.2 Youth in Action, and you’re looking for partner youth organisations in Africa e.g. Uganda, look no further the right opportunity is here please contact us for partnership. We have both long and short term opportunities, follow the link for further details at http://is.gd/BvYpXU

To apply online follow us on http://is.gd/MfpmrH OR mail us on volunteers@aymu.org

CEO/Peace & AIDS Activist/Volunteer Coordinator
Africa Youth Ministries
AG. Director Living Hope Health Care
P.O. BOX 20029, Kampala-Uganda
Plot 647 Kireka Kamuli Hill Road
P: +256-776-200002/4/5/753-200002 /793-200002
E: albert@aymu.org or volunteers@aymu.org
I: www.aymu.org
Skype: stopaidsug

APEL TiA: Curs de formare ‘Coach 2 Coach’, Scotia

Ai experienta in lucrul cu tinerii si vrei sa imbunatatesti calitatea activitatilor legate de proiectele de initiative ale tinerilor (Actiunea1.2 a programului Tineret in Actiune)?

Agentia Nationala pentru programul Tineret in Actiune din UK organizeaza un curs de formare pe aceasta tema, intitulat sugestiv „Coach 2 Coach”. Cursul se va derula in perioada 18 – 23 iunie 2013 in Scotia si va reuni lucratori de tineret (cu experienta ca indrumatori/coach pe proiecte de initiativa) din tarile programului.

Data limita pentru inscrierea online este 1 mai 2013, iar pentru trimiterea dosarului de candidatura prin posta, cu confirmare de primire, este 7 mai (data postei).

Toate informatiile si detaliile referitoare la acest seminar (profilul participantului, criterii de selectie, procedura de inscriere) se gasesc in apelul publicat pe site-ul programului Tineret in Actiune:


Training Course 16-22 September 2013 | CEULAJ (Málaga), Spain

Self Directed Learning in the EVS cycle

What does it mean? How can you prepare your volunteers? How can you guide & support their learning process during their EVS? How can you help them to “own” their learning? If you are interested in finding the answers – then this training is for you!

Organizer: Spanish NA (National Agency)

This activity is for participants from: YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME COUNTRIES

Application deadline: 14 July 2013

› More details

(The short link for this training offer is http://trainings.salto-youth.net/3386)

“Grundtvig activity” 16-20 September 2013 | Strasbourg, France

Citizen participation and funding opportunities to support participative initiatives

The course aims to deepen knowledge about active citizenship and participation in the European context encouraging participants to take part to the social and political life of their communities with a stronger commitment and more efficient means.

Organizer: Association of Local Association Agencies (NGO/Others)

This activity is for participants from:

Austria, Belgium – DE, Belgium – FL, Belgium – FR, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom

Application deadline: 30 April 2013

› More details

(The short link for this training offeris http://trainings.salto-youth.net/3467)

Action 1.1 Youth Exchanges: “Act for Volunteerism”


Disabled people community is the most important group who need help from the public. Especially, the disabled children needour help too much. For this project, we are going to meet in Ordu, on the Black Sea Coast of Turkey! Together with the participants we are going to work on the disabled people; about their problems, needs, care and we’ll develop a communication between them and us. Participants will visit a Disabled Children Special Education and Care Center; and work with the orthopedically and mentally disabled children about music, sport, games, painting and drama. At the end of the project there will be an open-fair with the materials which we produced during the works with the disabled children. They need us! Let’s help them with our care and friendship!


Place: Ordu/Turkey

Dates:02–11September 2013

Participation:7 countries / 4 Youths (18-25 y.o.) and 1 Group Leader from each country


For this Project, It’ll be applied on 1st May 2013 application period. We need partners urgently! Additionally, please inform your colleagues who might be interested in this topic! Fill the Part III document carefully! Then, please send the signed, stamped, scanned form ONLY to this e-mail address:


Partners’ profile:

Non-profit Organizations, Informal Group of Youths, NGOs, Public Body Organizations that promote proactive young people and encourage them to get involved in volunteering activities.

Eligible Countries:EU Members, Switzerland and Croatia.

Conditions: Accommodation, board and activity costs will be financed 100% through the Youth Exchange’s

Budget. Travel costs will be reimbursed 70%.

Deadline:15 April2013









Grundtvig training course on European Funding opportunities

1. European Project Planning (to be held in Florence: Edition 33 from 20 to 25 May 2013; Edition 34 from 30 September to 5 October 2013). The course will provide participants with the skills for successfully accessing European funds in the field of education, training and culture

2. European Project Management (to be held in Florence from 4 to 9 November 2013). The course will provide participants with the skills for successfully managing European funds in the field of education, training and culture

3. European Projects for Schools (to be held in Florence from 6 to 11 May 2013). The course is addressed to schools teachers and staff who wish to acquire the skills for successfully accessing and managing European projects in the field of education.

4. Edutainment: Videogames and Media for Education (to be held in Florence from 25 to 30 November 2013). The course is addressed to teachers who wish to acquire the skills for using Videogames and Multimedia for educational purposes

5. Media Education for teaching and learning (to be held in Florence from 21 to 26 October 2013). The course is addressed to teachers who wish to acquire the skills for using new media for educational purposes

The participation to the in-service training courses can be fully funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme.

The courses are included in the Grundtvig/Comenius database:

Therefore those who wish to participate can obtain a training grant to cover both the course fee and accommodation and subsistence costs (in the Database course codes are: European Projects for Education:
IT-2013-860-001; Edutainment: IT-2013-861-001; Media Education:
IT-2013-859-001; European Project Planning: IT-2013-855-003; European Project Management: IT-2013-854-001).

The deadline for sending the grant application to the National Agencies is 30 April 2013

For more information about the courses please visit
http://www.pixel-online.net and http://europlan.pixel-online.org or write
an e-mail to: training@pixel-online.net


Dr. Andrea Peraldo
European Training Courses Manager
Pixel Associazione
Via Lanzi 12, I-50134 Florence – Italia
Tel. +39-055-489700, Fax n° +39-055-4628873
E-Mail: training@pixel-online.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pixel.firenze




EUROPACTIVE – Me – The European!

Aware, Creative, Active.


Poland, Walbrzych,

1-9 September 2013





Stowarzyszenie Wspierania i Rozwoju Wsi ECOEUROWIES Wałbrzych


e-mail: mmlmm@poczta.onet.pl

Tel: + 48 605 722 170


We would like to organize the international youth exchange on becoming aware, active and creative European. The idea of our project is to meet other youth groups that are interested in the idea of being a part of the European Community and want to make the best to achieve the most from being an active part of this community. Trough our meeting we will try to show the opportunities that are given to each of us by the EU. The active part of each partnership group during our exchange will be based on the performances and the idea of changing presidency. We will learn about our neighbor countries and we will try to find the ways to propagate the idea of active European Society.  We want to meet new friends and exchange our experiences in the field of Europe, the European Parliament and European Union. We want also to meet other cultures and come up with new ideas for future projects.


To feel the spirit – to find ourselves and our meaning among the European Community, to find new friends, have fun and get knew knowledge – to become smarter, more aware and play the part in European Community. Above all to find common goals  and create something new and meaningful in the field of United Europe.


1-9 September 2013


Poland, Walbrzych, Dziećmorowice.


Gościniec Nowa Wioska

Nowa Wieś 155

58-308 Walbrzych



Participants from Europe – groups 10 youth participants age 13-17 + 2 leader.

Travel Costs

30% covered by participants

70% reimbursed by our organization

Arrival Airport

Wroclaw (WRO) Airport of Mikolaj Kopernik        

or by train, by bus to Wroclaw Glowny or Walbrzych Miasto


Lukasz Bogdanskitel +48 605722170, e mail: lukasz.bogdanski@vp.pl

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