Potpourri and the Fifth Week in Sicily

The fifth week started on Tuesday, as Monday was the second day of Easter, and so there was less work to do (just kidding!). During these days, the activities were mainly editorial and administrative. I wrote articles about my experience for the local newspapers in Focsani, Vrancea; for the InfoAltfel newsletter of the National Agency in Romania, where I applied for the assistantship grant; and, for the CESV website and newsletter, in all of them explaining the benefits of this kind of  European mobility.

It seems like there is everywhere some sort of ignorance to these European grants. I have to explain almost every day what an European grant is, what Grundtvig means, and what other possibilities of European mobility mean. So, once I’m done with the Info Europe Potpourri category, I will post there explanatory articles, summarizing the amount of  information that some might find hard to understand.

In the meantime, I have also started an educational column in the local newspaper Monitorul de Vrancea, where they publish weekly my journal Follow me in Sicily, a column that will look more into the theoretical aspects of the European mobility programmes, (Comenius, Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, etc.), and I’ll see later what else would be necessary to present.

As for the administrative work, we focused more on organizing the next meeting, which will take place on 27th of April, where there will be discussed financial aspects in regards to the current budget. My activity is related to the administrative work as well, which is really great for me because it is essential to learn better how the bureaucratic machine works, and how such activities are organized.

After a short working session with Mari Angela, we decided the priorities for April, and there is going to be a lot do. I will talk about them at the right time. In any case, I am very happy to work with the organization and I like how things are diversified day by day, be it professionally, or culturally and personally.

This week-end was again memorable as I had the chance to go to the first classical music concert (this being the first one from a series of five concerts that will be until June, in the honor of the new Pope), taking place in Basilica St. Antonio, a beautiful  and important church, close to where I live. This is the first time when I listen to a classical music concert in a church. The sound is indescribable. I listened to a sacred music concert by Vincenzo Bellini performed by the ERSU chorus and orchestra from the Conservatory of Messina. The church was full of people, and the concert lasted for an hour, worthy for every second. I can’t wait to go to the second one next week!

So, that’s that for the moment, but there come up with more news next week, when my schedule gets busier. For now, I’ll also save some of my energy, as the previous articles were quite consistent and required some concentration.

Sweet kisses and see you next week!

Translated by Oana Zlatovici, Potpourri member studying in Sweden