Potpourri and the Sixth Week in Sicily

This week I had plenty of out-of-office activities: meetings with volunteering organizations and high school teachers to present them about the European financing possibilities, volunteering and communal projects (1). We managed as well to create the columns that I was talking about in the previous article, Info Europe Potpourri, to inform and promote opportunities of European mobility and the weekly educational column in the local newspaper, Monitorul de VranceaInfo Mobilitate Europeana (Info European Mobility) (2).

(1)    The first meeting took place in Milazzo, a very nice small town close to Messina, at the headquarters of the Association Alzheimer – President Paola Cavallaro, together with other 10 representatives of the volunteering organizations, members of CESV (Associazione di Volontariato ECCOCI, Spadafora, Messina – Barbara Rizzo și Concetta Ialacoua; Associazione ANTARES Onlus, Roccavaldina – Rizzo Santo; AVLUSS Milazzo Onlus – Chiara Maria Cristina Mignano; Ass. LUTE Milazzo – Claudio Graziano;Associazione Alzheimer Milazzo – Valentina Russo și Tina GuerrieraAss. I Cavalieri di Luce și Ass R.A.U. – Marilena Zanella).

The meeting focused on European opportunities for financing and mobility, and it was organized by Antonia, my colleague from CESV, who is in charge with the organizations, in order to see how much information they all have about this, to meet their project ideas or their intentions towards this direction, and to offer them more information about financing possibilities and resources that they can access.

Mari Angela spoke as well about CESV, the free consulting services and the support offered for initiatives in European projects, reminding them the fact that the European programs focus until 2020 on the increasing of the European mobilities. Thus, there were detailed programs such as Lifelong Learning and Youth in Action that have European mobilities, as well as CESV projects (job shadowing, Grundtvig assistants, volunteering projects for seniors, European volunteers exchange, etc.), urging them to apply until the next deadlines of mobility projects.

As an example, Claudio Graziano and I spoke about our experiences. I presented my experience as an assistant, speaking about all the procedures and applications, how to get the grant, and what are the advantages and benefits, details that got them interested, inviting me to see their associations outside of Messina. Then Claudio, president of the LUTE Association in Millazo, who has a Grundtvig project for Volunteering Seniors in Poland, spoke about the “You can do this at any age!” as his association focuses on seniors.

The second meeting took place in Messina, at the Nautical High School, where we discussed with the coordinating teachers about a future project on Active Participation and Citizenship, in which we will participate together, and which will take place in Palermo, on 10th and 11th of May. High school students will participate in common projects with students from various cities around Sicily. The meeting focused on activity details, tasks and responsibilities; we also planned the organization of a workshop before meeting in Palermo, where the students will work for the Active Participation and Citizenship.

(2) Moreover, this week there was published the first educational column in the local newspaper Monitorul de Vrancea that we called Info European Mobility, describing the National Agency for Communitarian Programs on Education and Vocational Training, through which the European grants are offered. The column appears every Saturday and it is an informative initiative that we hope will be useful to all of you.

As for the new informative category, Info Europe Potpourri, you can easily find it on our website by accessing the blue banner on the right side. We already posted an introductory article and the first opportunities for mobility, and described as well the National Agency for Communitarian Programs in Education and Vocational Training, through which one can access the grants for European mobilities. The description can be also found in the newspaper Monitorul de Vrancea, in the educational column (the more we use various media to communicate information, the more it will reach people who look for it).

I’d like to remind you that 2013 is the Year of European Citizenship, so the two educational columns are subscribed alongside with the Potpourri projects developed for this purpose.

Speaking about the cultural part, Saturday evening I attended the second concert performed by the ERSU orchestra in Messina, in Basilica St. Antonio, a concert for piano and wind instruments, this time from Mozart’s opera. Same as the last time, the atmosphere, the performance, the acoustic got me speechless… I can’t wait again for the last three which will take place in May – chorus, percussion and Spanish guitar by ERSU and June – Recviem by Mozart and Verdi. More details will come on the way, because you will get to see that they are important concerts.

Translated by Oana Zlatovici – Potpourri member studying in Sweden