Potpourri & The Seventh Week in Sicily

We say that seven is a number of luck. It’s my seventh week in Sicily and also the time for activities that make me more responsible: IT courses. It’s a number that gave me the opportunity to go to Palermo to participate in an activity co-organized by CESV. So, my week started pretty good, with a pleasant working atmosphere and a new cultural-gastronomic initiative… sweet, which has no link to the CESV activities, but which gets perfectly integrated in this experience.

In Palermo, I participated in a regional seminar with representatives from all over Sicily, called Reti Solidali. Esperienze e buone prassi verso un futuro sostenibile – Solidarity Networks. Best practices and experiences for a sustainable future. Its aim was to present outcomes of the volunteering projects financed by CON IL SUD Foundation, in 2010-2011 and new opportunities of financial support for volunteering activities. CESV team participated as well, having me as part of it, together with CESV director and president – who also had a presentation about the solidarity network and the Center of Services for Volunteering within the territory, as well as other associations around Messina Province, who were together with us:

As.Telefono Amico represented by Veronica, As. AVULSS Barcelona- Francesca and Franca, As. Li.Di S Liberi di Scegliere Onlus – Eugenio and Peppe, As. Senza Barriere – Caterina and Nino, As. Guardia Costiera Volontaria Taormina – Sergio, As. Mateca – Grazia, As. Comitato Montinari Sicilia – Carmela, As. CASA – Pippo, As. Alzheimer – Francesca, As. AGUVS – Lucilla.

This was a good occasion to meet organizations from the surrounding cities and hear about their activities, to exchange contacts and be invited to participate in their activities. Due to the short time, I did not have the chance to visit the city, but I managed to go to the historical center and take photos of Massimo Theater and some of the narrow streets linking to the main avenues. It was enough to make me feel like coming back to see all of it!

A project I started this week is the IT course, beginner level, for senior members of AUSER Association in Messina, a volunteering organization that I planned to collaborate with because it is a CESV member and because we are friends since 2011.

The course follows the European priorities in Adult Literacy as the participants have no previous knowledge on how to use a computer. We meet once a week at the AUSER Association and we learn together in a non-formal, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. And the biggest surprise… I teach in Italian! With the help of my students, who obviously correct me all the time, I become better and better.  In my group there are four members, three sweet ladies called Agata (Nuccia), Caterina and Letteria (Lila) and Antonio (Nini),a former sailor who speaks a bit of English. We spend about two hours together and the aim of learning to use internet is to be able to communicate with their families around Italy or around the world. Of course, everything goes calmly, step-by-step, typically Italian. I am pretty happy and pleased with my group and I hope we will get good results after the course.

As for the sweet cultural-gastronomic initiative I mentioned earlier, it will start the next week, and it’s called Pasticceria Prestige (Prestige Confectionery) in Messina, and is my new partner to promote to super delicious cakes and Sicilian recipes. Obviously, my nosy, sociable personality brings me always new friends, and so I got to know Rosario, a confectioner who works for Prestige, and who accepted to support me in this project, which will be really helpful for cooking enthusiasts and tourists who would like to taste these cakes baked…live!

Thus, with these said and done, the managers of the confectionery answered YES! to this project and this week I will meet them to discuss details. Hopefully, I will take some pictures with the team, and of Rosario while baking the goodies, and to already post the first recipe.

I won’t unveil more news for now, because nobody knows what’s going to happen, and I can’t keep my promises because I will lose your credibility! We’ll wait and see.

And to end up this week as I started it, with a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere, I spent this week-end at my house in Molochio, with my sisters, Laura, Maria, and Rosalba, and my new Calabrian family, with some fresh air, beautiful landscapes, and birds singing in the morning close to my window…

I’m telling you, nothing is just a happening in this world, it’s DESTINY and… with the will of God to meet such wonderful people who really happen to become my family!

Translated by Oana Zlatovici – Potpourri member studying in Sweden