Potpourri & The Thirteenth Week in Sicily

The 13th week was packed with administrative and editorial activities at CESV, cultural and intercultural activities around Sicily`s gorgeous towns and of course, family reunions and dinner in Molochio, where the team grew bigger with little Giulia. And, to keep the promise I made you last week, I attached the You Tube links for the wonderful concert at Sant Antonio Basilica, together with other cultural activities I participated in, and a short recording of the Sunday religious service in Maria dello Spirito Santo, the church where I go every day. I hope you will enjoy all of these, an attempt of mine to share with you everything I experience here.

So, as one can see, I keep on writing articles every week and I am working on an editorial project on a larger scale, but I have decided not to tell you more about it at this stage. I do hope it will be something big, useful and new, with intercultural marks and a lot of soul in each and every page, and…. that`s it, I won`t let you in on it anymore. As to the administrative part, well, the third important meeting is going to take place at the end of June and there are preceding activities galore. Endless letters, e-mails, phone calls… and we are not even close to the 29th.

I take the most of my free time visiting as many places recommended by my friends as I can. You already know the meaning of 5 o`clock, and I don`t mean the 5 o`clock tea, I`m talking about my cell phone ringing at the break of dawn to get me going to Cefalu this time. I travelled by train and I didn`t regret it, since I had the chance to admire the most beautiful landscapes on the sea shore. And this because the train, by comparison to the bus that takes the highway (far from the sea shore), crosses all small villages you get thus the chance to see and obviously, lining the shore, where you can admire the rocks and the Aeolian Islands that can be easily distinguished in the distance. After two hours of travelling and taking lots of pictures through the train window, I got off at one of the most attractive areas in Sicily and one of the best touristic towns on the island, with Greek, Roman, Arabian and Norman origins visible in the numerous vestiges and buildings. The old, historical part of the town looks like a compact mass of houses on a gentle slope climbing to the immense cathedral (The Dome) that towers the landscape. In the background lies Rocca (270 m), a steep slant that I climbed to reach the mediaeval Castle and the ruins of some megalithic structures and the Byzantine wall on top of the rocks; the panorama it offers is almost incredible – not only can you see the town and the quay, but also the whole coast on both sides of the mountain. I roamed the town far and wide, then I climbed down to the harbor and the beach, where I enjoyed a spinach and ricotta pie and a pizza Marguerita – the traditional pizza with cheese and tomatoes, absolutely delicious, both of them (do not take it the wrong way, I didn`t mean to whet your appetite…). In the evening, I got on the train, exhausted and with a mind to get some rest, but to no avail. The sea shore and the Aeolian Islands were lit by a splendid sunset, with incredible colors, and this woke me up completely. I managed to steal some pictures, an eloquent reminder of this divine travel that still lingers in my mind now, when I am writing these lines.

If you think that was it for this week, you couldn`t be more mistaken. The next day I left for Molochio, in Calabria, where Maria, Laura and newly-born Giulia were waiting for me. I had lunch with Rosalba (the eldest sister and Giulia`s mom) and her family, with Marie Jean, the sisters’ mother, who had come from Corsica especially for the event. According to the Italian custom, we visited all the relatives and partied for two more days, with 10-12 people sitting at a table relishing the tastiest dishes, not to mention the famous Italian ice cream – or the kilos piling up…

And since all good things must come to an end, we returned home only to find yet another holiday waiting for me –but this can wait until next week.

Now let me share with you the links I promised, but, mind you, the material (except for the first, the Sunday concert, Misa Criolla, at Sant Antonio Basilica) is recorded with my cell phone, so the quality might not be what you expect… I advise you to listen even if is not comparable with the live version, all the more you have pictures from the concert.

Next is a part of the Sunday service at Maria dello Spirito Santo, then Ritmo live Group in an open air concert in People’ Square, Messina, and the last, a guitar concert I grasp in a pub while walking one evening in Dom Square, Messina.





Translated by prof. Irina Bicescu – Potpourri member